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Over 20 Years of Expertise in Drainage

We are a friendly, fully certified and trained team of drainage experts ready to resolve any problem!

We offer complete drainage solutions from unblocking sinks and toilets to full cleaning and relining of your drains, here at Drainflo Solutions we have you covered and we are not shy to get our hands dirty.

Drainage and plumbing is any system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications including heating and cooling, waste removal and water delivery; these are among the most common uses.

Plumbing utilises pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatuses to convey fluids.  However, sometimes these elements associated with plumbing malfunction, this could be for a number or reasons such as blockages, scale, root penetration or corrosion within your plumbing and drainage system and this is where Drainflo can step in and resolve the drainage issues associated with your plumbing facilities.

Services that we offers

  • Drain CCTV
  • Blocked Drains
  • Stack Unblocking
  • Blocked Guttering
  • Blocked Gullies
  • Drain Maintenance & Cleaning Services
  • Drain Manhole Covers

Why you could need Drain CCTV

If you find you are experiencing persistent problems with blocked drains, it may well be due to an underlying internal drain pipe problem such as a collapsed or displaced drain pipe channel, which unfortunately no amount of continual clearing will fix.  Broken drain pipes can only be detected from an internal monitoring source and these need fixing fast before it gets worse! – This is where Drainflo Solutions can help!…

We offer drain CCTV checks and surveys which can detect internal problems with your drain system, which in turn will save you money.  Early detection of problematic drain systems is important as a) it means that we can fix the pipe before it escalates into a larger more complex issue (which may be a lot more costly) and b) overexposure to high-pressure jet cleaning in an already broken channel can be disastrous.

New Home Buyer Drain CCTV Survey

When buying property the standard ‘Buyer Survey’ (in most cases) does not include a survey of the surrounding drainage system – Drainflo Solutions can carry out a Drain CCTV survey on property you are considering buying to make sure there are no drainage issues which would otherwise not be picked up on until it’s too late!

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Drain Unblocking

Drainflo Solutions are the No.1 drainage specialists covering London, North London, Essex and Hertfordshire – we can help you with drain unblocking quickly, efficiently all with NO call out charge, so if you need your pipework unblocking you can rely on us to get the job done for you – we pride ourselves on being a reliable and honest drainage service with highly experienced and skilled drainage engineers.

We are here to help with any blockages in your drains and often we can use our trusty rods to do the trick.We call this a standard unblock and if this is enough to sort your problem, we’ll tell you upfront.

If your drain is blocked Contact Us today for a free no obligation quote!

Drain unblocking – for a deeper rooted problem

Our vans are equipped with the latest technology to clear your drain problem. When we need to use this to solve a deeper rooted problem we call it a mechanical unblock.

What causes Blocked Drains?

It is essential that your external drains are kept clean and well maintained as these are the main gateway from sewage water leaving your home and entering the main drainage system.

Here are the most common reasons for a blocked drain:

Fat and grease from cooking – over time, fat and grease build up and lines the main drainage channel pipes causing a reduction in pipe size and therefore a reduced water flow.  Sewage water will build up with nowhere to go other than back into your home or through the external manhole.  Drainflo Solutions can help clear your drains and offers drain unblocking services for London, North London, Enfield, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Wipes and sanitary products – the disposable of baby wipes and sanitary products down the toilet may be a huge factor, especially when the diameter of the pipes are reduced in size from other causes such as fat, grease and limescale build-up.  Drainflo Solutions has specialist mechanical drainage equipment to clear your blocked drain fast.  For blocked drains London, simply call0203 397 2073 | 07719 426415 – We are the first choice drainage company in London for unblocking.

Limescale and silt deposits – anything that comes in contact with water can suffer from limescale problems and this includes your external drainpipes too!  Limescale build-up can narrow the thickness of the drainpipe, which in turn will reduce the amount of water being able to get through.  Severe silt and limescale build-up can line your drain pipes causing a backlog of sewage water and resulting in a blocked drain.  Drainflo Solutions works with specialised high pressure jetting equipment to blast off limescale and keep your drain pipes clear, reducing the risk of blocked drains.  It is advisable to have your drains and pipework checked by a professional drainage engineer every so often to keep your drains in good working order.  Call us today for a no-obligation quote for your drain maintenance and surveys –0203 397 2073 | 07719 426415

Collapsed pipe – if you are experiencing persistently blocked drains, it may be that your external drainpipe is damaged and the displaced pipework may block usual water flow, therefore waste water builds up and blocks your pipework.  Drainflo Solutions is one of the most experienced London based drainage companies covering all areas of London, North London, Essex and Hertfordshire.  Our skilled drainage engineers can detect damage and defects in your drainpipe using high technology drain CCTV equipment, providing you with a complete Drain CCTV Investigation and survey.

Tree roots – trees often decide to take root in external drains which may cause blocked drains and damage to the pipework if left undetected.  Drainflo Solutions can remove any tree roots and complete a survey to ensure no damage has been caused.

Let Drainflo Solutions be your first choice for drain unblocking in London, North London, Enfield, Essex and Hertfordshire

If you need your drains unblocked or repaired fast then give Drainflo Solutions a call on 0203 397 2073 | 07719 426415

Stack Pipe Blocked?

A ‘stack’ runs wastewater from higher levels of a property or building to lower levels until eventually, they lead to the external main drain and sewage system.  Anything that runs through your sink, bath, shower or gets flushed down toilets will travel through this internal drain pipe system – deposits of fat, hair, limescale, detergent and non-degradable items are all factors that can cause blockages or blocked stacks and in most cases this will require a high pressure jetting machine to remove the blockage blocked drain London.

Blocks of flats and commercial buildings are highly susceptible to problems with blocked stacks due to the volume of residents and people sharing each stack, therefore as part of our maintenance programme, Drainflo Solutions offer support to commercial agencies and property maintenance companies to carry out stack checks and cleaning either as a one-off commission or a yearly or half-yearly maintenance plan.

For more information about our Property Maintenance Support Plan, call us today on 0203 397 2073 | 07719 426415

Blocked Guttering

Every year leaves, moss, lichen, gravel from flat roofs, dead birds, old tennis balls, bird droppings, and what can only be described as “stinky sludge” gets washed off the roof into our gutters, which builds up at an alarming rate and can cause damage to the guttering itself or to your property.

Badly maintained and blocked guttering means excess rainwater has no clear channel to travel into the main drainage system, therefore spills out of the guttering often resulting in damp patches on your exterior walls.  This can not only lead to internal damp problems, the moss and lichen enriched rainwater can also cause some unsightly areas on your brickwork and cause serious damage to fascias, eves, brickwork, pointing, paintwork, sills etc. and is actually the number one cause of damp in basements!

The excess weight of debris and trapped water also puts a additional stress on your guttering which will cause your guttering to sag and spilt.  In fact, a blocked, leaking or sagging gutter is worse than no gutter at all because it overflows and leaks in one place rather than evenly along the roof!

Badly installed gutters can also leave standing water that can be blown onto your property causing damage that can be easily missed until it is too late.

If need your guttering checked and cleared, call Drainflo Solutions today on 0203 397 2073 or 07719 426415

Many of our customers have been amazed at what we’ve found in their gutters when we have carried out gutter cleaning!

Blocked Gullies

Blocked gullies are a common problem due to the build-up of fat, grease, detergent from washing machines, limescale and hair.  If your gullies are not cleared properly, excess wastewater spills into your garden – this is not only an inconvenience but if left untreated damp can penetrate your property.  It is advisable to have your gullies checked and cleared on a regular basis to ensure no recurrent problems.

For information about how we can help you clear your gullies and keep them clean, call Drainflo Solutions today on 0203 397 2073 or 07719 426415

We can offer you one-off gully cleaning or why not set up a regular contract with us?  Our yearly drainage management programme gives you peace of mind    – for more information contact us today!

Drain Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Drainflo Solutions offers high-quality drain maintenance services including de-scaling and de-greasing.  After a while, drain pipes start to clog up with fat, grease, limescale and other deposits that cling to the walls of the pipes which can cause bad smells from the drain.  The buildup of deposits also gradually reduces the diameter of the pipe, therefore reducing the amount of wastewater travelling through which may potentially lead to blockages that can affect your property.  A simple and effective high-pressure jet cleaning will blast through unwanted debris and deposits, opening up the channel and allowing wastewater to flow freely again, whilst removing bad odours.  High-quality de-greasing bio-chemicals are used to further clean and remove grease build up and specialised cleaning products disinfect the drain for an ultimate clean!

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Internal Waste Pipe Cleaning with Specialised Mechanical Devices

Due to the extremely high pressure of our jetting machines, it’s not always possible to use these for internal pipe cleaning.  Like your external drain pipes, the waste pipes inside your home also require regular cleaning to ensure wastewater can move freely to the main drain outside.  In the kitchen area, fats from food, food deposits and powder form washing detergents can clog up the pipes, in the bathroom, hair is the main problem responsible for blocked baths, showers and sinks.  Our specialised mechanical devices can target a long stretch of your pipework, cleaning and remove unwanted debris on its travels!

On-Going Treatment

Regular pre-planned drain maintenance programmes are designed to reduce emergency drain repair call outs and expensive sewer renovation. This cost-effective regular drain service can be scheduled to suit you, or simply arranged on a 6-monthly basis. Either way, you can rest assured that your drains are being looked after by the professionals.

Drain Manhole Cover and Inspection Cover Replacement

Our skilled and experienced drainage engineers can carry out manhole repairs and replacements at your property – we’ll conduct a thorough check of the surrounding frame and groundwork to ensure your new manhole cover sits securely and last for years – all our work carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for your peace of mind!

Corroded or cracked manhole covers at your premises or yard?

Weak or worn drain inspection covers posing a H+S risk?

Damaged settings around your recessed manhole covers?

Whatever the issue, Drainflo Solutions can replace your broken, damaged or worn manhole covers and inspection cover. We’ll come to your premises, assess the damage, and measure the precise sizes of each replacement lid. We will arrange for replacements in the style and material of your choosing, to the required UK safety standards.


Details of our residential & commercial property manhole repair and replacement services:

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Cast iron replacement inspection covers

We stock an impressive range of cast iron inspection covers suitable for older or historic premises, where new covers may need to match older ones already on site. Our team can also repair or replace old or damaged brick work, and re-bed the inspection cover frame on a new mortar or concrete bed.

Need new manhole covers quickly? Contact us today for a fast response.

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