Have you recently had, or are planning, a new boiler installation? Knowing what documents you should expect to receive when you get a new boiler installed means you are able to make sure you get all the paperwork you need, so you can enjoy your new boiler in peace.
The most important document you need to get with any gas boiler installation is a Gas Safe or CP12 certificate. This certificate proves that your installation is up to safety standards and that the boiler itself is at least 85% energy efficiency. The CP12 certificate will also be registered with building regulations by your engineer so you can get building regulations certification, which is legally required with all new boiler installations. The best way to ensure that you receive a Gas Safe certificate is to work with a Gas Safe registered engineer, like our engineers at Prime Gas.
You should also be given the boiler manual, and the manufacturer registration certificate. This is needed to register your boiler with the manufacturer so you can activate any warranty the boiler comes with. Most manufacturers require the boiler to be registered within 30 days, but we recommend doing this straight away to ensure your boiler is covered from day one (and to ensure it doesn’t get forgotten before it’s too late!).
Your engineer should also give you contact details so you can get in touch if any issues with the new boiler arise.